The official rider entry list for 2016 Paris-Lille Supercross is out and of course, Justin ‘BamBam’ Barcia is the pilot that will likely get the most attention from the media. It’ll be interesting to see how Swiss rider Arnaud Tonus does on his new ride and return to European racing.

From a Brit point of view, Tommy Searle will be on his Dixon Racing Monster Energy Kawasaki KX450F and over in the SX2 it’s great to see 2016 Arenacross Pro Lites Champion Joe Clayton. Good luck to them both. With several more weeks to go before the weekend of November 12/13 the list is subject to change.


Rider Country Team
Marvin Musquin France KTM Red Bull
Romain Febvre France Yamaha Factory Monster Energy
Justin Barcia USA JGRMX Suzuki
Malcolm Stewart USA Honda Geico
Christian Craig USA Honda Geico
Jordi Tixier France Kawasaki KRT Monster Energy
Tommy Searle UK Kawasaki Monster Energy DRT
Arnaud Tonus Suisse Yamaha Wilvo
Brian Hsu Tonus Germany Husqvarna Maurer
Fabien Izoird France Honda SR Motoblouz
Cedric Soubeyras France JPM Racing Suzuki
Cyrille Coulon France Suzuki Molson SR 75
Xavier Boog France Kawasaki Monster Energy Bud Racing
Thomas Ramette France Suzuki Molson SR 75
Valentin Teillet France Honda SR Motoblouz
Maxime Desprey France Kawasaki Monster Energy Bud Racing
Loic Rombaut France Ktm Bulldog LR
Kevin Ballanger France Honda
Christophe Martin France Honda
Khounsith Vongsana France Husqvarna
Adrien Escoffier France Husqvarna


Rider Country Team
Florent Richier   JPM Racing Suzuki
Gaetan Le Hir   Honda
Yannis Irsuti   Yamaha 2B Moraco
Robin Kappel   KTM
Arnaud Aubin   Suzuki OB1
Anthony Bourdon   Husqvarna MX Academy
Dan Houzet   SR Honda Motoblouz
Pierre Lozzi   Kawasaki
Nicolas Barcelo   JPM Racing Suzuki
Thomas Do   Honda SR Motoblouz
Lucas Imbert   JPM Racing Suzuki
Clement Briatte   Kawasaki
Alexis Verhaghe   Kawasaki VRH
Brian Moreau Strubhart   Kawasaki Monster Energy Bud Racing
Julien Roussaly   KTM
Calvin Fonvielle   Yamaha
Mickael Lamarque   Husqvarna
Gauthier Diascorn   KTM
Julien Bonnaudin   Husqvarna
Joe Clayton UK Kawasaki VRH
Lorenzo Camporese Italie Honda MB
Kevin Cattani Italie Suzuki
Tim Jaunin Suisse Honda

Wild Cards SX2

Ryan Surratt – USA


Jake Masterpool – USA