In the video, you can see Serco Yamaha’s Mitchell Evans land on Performance Yamaha’s Aaron Tanti during Saturday’s Aus-X Open SX2. It’s pretty brutal.

It left Evans with fractures to his L2, L3 and L4, plus two fractures in his pelvis. After spending a night in Westmead Hospital Tanti revealed he has fractured his scapular and L4 in his back.

Evens took to social media later and offered this heartfelt message. “The past couple of months for me have been a real struggle, both mentally and physically,” wrote Evans. “From niggling injuries and illness to other frustrations outside of my control, it felt like just one thing after another!


“The past fortnight I believe things were finally starting to go my way. I was enjoying my riding again and I was super excited to be racing Aus-X Open for my first time! Saturday night’s crash was and always has been my biggest fear of racing supercross, either being landed on or landing on another rider.

“I am thankful I got lucky in an unlucky situation!

“Despite my injuries, I am in good spirits and remain positive with my recovery! I could dwell on the situation but that would get me nowhere, so instead, I am ‘taking steps’ to reduce my recovery time!

“Thank you again to everyone who messaged me with their well wishes, I appreciate the support!”

Both riders passed on their thanks to Race Safe for assistance at the track.

All here at Dirt Bike Rider wish both riders a full and speedy recovery.

Huge crash @ausxopen tonight, hope both these lads are ok @dirtbikevideos @dirtbike.fails @mx.fails @crushedmx

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