Highs and lows from the final night at Paris Supercross with Chad Reed, Jeremy Martin, Malcolm Stewart, and Justin Barcia.

“It’s never fun to crash, especially on the start,” opined Reed in the video. “Definitely way too much like my Seattle crash. Seattle was my fault, this was just, unfortunately, one of those racing moves. The inside pushing from left to right, outside coming from right to left and I found myself in a squeeze in the middle.

“I think I tagged with Mookie. I saw the video replay and it’s really strange – the angle’s hard to see, it’s like Barcia hit me but didn’t, but like dragged me off the bike somehow. It was like a strange crash and obviously landed right on my back. Feel like I got some ribs that are not feeling that great, bumps and bruises. But bumps and bruises go away in a week – hopefully.


“I gotta jump on a plane tomorrow to New Zealand – go there, heal up all week and try to see how I feel by next weekend.”

You can watch Chad Reed’s crash in the video below as he goes down just after the first turn on the opening lap…

Sunday: SX1 Sprint 2

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