Chad Reed revealed during an AUS-X OPEN press conference that 2020 will be his final season as a full-time Supercross racer.

Answering questions 37-year-old Reed said that he’s excited for the this weekend’s racing and the Supercross season ahead. However, 2020 would be his last.

“Mountain Motorsports have been amazing, helping and supporting everything I’ve been doing lately,” said the multi-time supercross and motocross champion. “The goal is to go racing. I feel confident we’ll make that work.


“I’m excited. 2020 will be my final season. So it’s a big one. Excited. I need a race this weekend for that reason. I think to do it this long and to see where the sport’s been and to be at this stadium – I’m just excited.”

When asked if it would be his last time at these races [Aus-X] and is there more in store, even if it’s not as a full-time racer, Reed replied. “I love dirt bikes, that’s what’s kept me in it this long. Like you said Ricky [Ricky Carmicheal] celebrated his 40th birthday the other day. He’s been retired 12 years, I don’t know that I’m gonna be here in 12 years.

“I think this will be my final race here in Australia as a full-time racer. But my goal is to do off-season races. I really enjoy those… I loved to keep my roots going strong and come back but a year on I don’t know if I want to put the work in to do it. Maybe I come and race with you like BT [Ben Townley] does.”

You can watch the AUS-X OPEN press conference in full here.

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