The teams in the US and Europe continue to come together with confirmed news coming in daily about riders inking deals, but there’s still some missing pieces of the puzzle that need to come together – yes silly season continues on.

So there are still some rumours kicking about, some a bigger deal than others and one, or two, depending how you look at it that just eclipse all others. Namely, the Stewart brothers.

Only last month I wrote about the prospect of one or possibly both of the brothers riding red in 2017, just possibly out of the same truck. And a report overnight in the US may put a little more meat on the bones.


The eagle eyes over at motoXaddicts spotted some activity on Instagram from Chris Crossland that may give more credence that both James and Malcolm will both be on Honda in 2017, running out of the same rig with Crossland and Ride365 backing.

As pointed out by motoXaddicts, Crossland has the motivation and the means to bring this deal together.

Both posts appear to show old images we’ve seen before. The first one is of James Stewart and the text in the post reads: “One of the greatest riders of our time this guy can see and do things in the track that nobody else can think of.”

The second post was a picture of the brothers together with no accompanying text. Now you could say nothing to see here, move along, but to add intrigue, both Instagram posts have since been deleted. However, those smarty pants at motoXaddicts bagged screen grabs, so head over there if you want to see more and get their take on this silly season rumour.