Why was Justin Barcia and Benoit Paturel missing from Team Yamaha at the inaugural Supermotocross Riders’ Cup? Paturel absence is still a little mysterious but we have a new theory (or rumour) that will explain Bam Bam’s omission from the Yamaha rider lineup.

Team Yamaha failed to make the inaugural Supermotocross Riders’ Cup podium last weekend and that’s not really a surprise when you consider what happened to their rider lineup on the run up to the event in Germany.

Two-thirds of Team Yamaha, namely Justin Barcia and Benoit Paturel, withdrew just three days before the race at Veltins Arena. The Frenchman claimed, “logistical reasons” (could he be any more vague) for his withdrawal and you have to think that’s odd considering his team are based less than an hour’s drive away from Schalke.


And what about Barcia? The two-time SX Lites champion stated a conflict with team contracts as his reason for pulling out of the SMX Cup but surprisingly actually turn up to the event. “The flight was booked so I thought I’d come and watch,” he said.

Bam Bam had already said he would be keeping quiet about his withdrawal from the Yamaha team for legal reasons, but a source tells us that the real reason he didn’t lineup for Yamaha is that not only will he not be racing YZ450Fs anymore but he has left JGR to take over Ken Roczen’s ride at RCH Suzuki, possibly competing as early as this weekend in the Monster Energy Cup.