The fourth edition of the Terrafirma series was filmed around the world throughout 1997 and released in 1998. Terrafirma 4’s riding offering stretches far and wide, from silky smooth sessions in the hills of California with Jeremy McGrath & Kevin Windham, mind-bending off-road “sends” in the Canadian wilderness with Guy Perrett, freeriding in Chile with Edgar Torronteras & Andy Bowyer and everything else in between.
The series really started to expand into different types of riding in this installment and also includes Trials competition in Donner Pass, California, Hill Climb racing in Billings Montana, and the freeride cross-over of big mountain snowboard legend, Mike “Tex” Devenport. A little bit of everything here!
Featured Riders: Jeremy McGrath, Kevin Windham, Mike Metzger, Brian McGavran, Edgar Torronteras, Carey Hart, Ezra Lusk, Guy Perrett, Ian Pavluk, Mike “Tex” Devenport, Andy Bowyer
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