Earlier this year Toofast Media released ‘The World’s Craziest Dirt Bike’ on their YouTube channel 999lazer. This video featured wheelie world champion Damo Hirst and his shed-built 1000cc RM-Z. However, two things were missing from this video. Firstly, they didn’t get to meet the mastermind technician behind this insane 1000cc beast. And secondly, the Toofast crew didn’t actually get round to taking ‘The World’s Craziest Dirt Bike’ off-road. 

So in this new video series the Toofast team are back to put things right! This time around Max is meeting up with Chris Thorpe – the crazy bike builder behind the mayhem – and together they are on a mission to create ‘The World’s Craziest Enduro Bike’. Somehow, Chris will be attempting to shoehorn a 1000cc GSX-R 150 BHP superbike engine into a KTM 690 Enduro. If they can pull it off this thing will be an off-road beast unlike any other! Watch the video to find out how they got on!