Dan Whitby’s carved himself out a reputation as one of the UK’s finest Freestyle Motocross riders and the super-friendly 29-year-old from Norfolk will be in action at all seven rounds of the 2014 Arenacross tour.

Freestyle Motocross is an integral part of the Arenacross show and Dan’s an integral part of the UK scene, travelling the country to perform as part of the Bolddog FMX team.

But it’s the indoor shows he relishes the most and in 2013 he more than held his own on the Arenacross tour jumping alongside global superstars including Andre Villa and Edgar Torronteras as well as the sport’s next big thing – 16-year-old Spanish bambino loco Chris Meyer.


“Arenacross was an amazing experience this year,” says Dan, “and the 2014 series will be even bigger and better. For UK riders the chance to jump indoors over the winter months is too good to pass over and performing in front of huge crowds alongside some of the world’s best Freestyle Motocross riders is inspiring.”

From the comfort of your seat our Freestyle athletes probably look like full-on loonies as they hurl themselves from ramp to ramp 40ft above the arena floor – more often than not upside down – but Dan’s quick to dispel this notion.

“I’ve had a few injuries to say the least and after some of them you could ask yourself why would you bother getting up. But it’s all about calculated risk. People think that freestylers are crazy but you actually have to be quite a calculated person because nothing’s done on a whim. It’s all carefully worked out – unless you’re completely loco! I know more than most people how dangerous it can be and if I wasn’t at one with the risks then I shouldn’t be doing it. And that’s all part of being calculated.”

So get ready for seven nights of calculated craziness – beginning at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena on January 17 – as Dan and the gang rise to the occasion…

“I know I’m not just speaking for myself,” he adds, “when I say the Arenacross atmosphere is incredible and encourages us to hit the ramps even harder. I can’t wait for the New Year – bring it on!”

For more information and to buy tickets go to www.arenacrossuk.com