Sadly, we’ve had to remove the video for now. The promoters have asked that we temporally take it down until after the investigation is finished. Guess it’s too hot to be seen right now folks. We’ll get the edit back up as soon as we can.

This is the race that brought about an official investigation into the results at the London round of Monster Energy Arenacross Tour.

It’s the most action-packed, controversial and possibly most insane Pro motocross race in the UK ever.


SR75 Molson Racing Suzuki’s Thomas Ramette (#1) had points to make up on his championship rival, Geartec Yamaha’s Cedric Soubeyras (#120). While Ramette’s team-mate Cyrille Coulon (#5) was heavily involved in the night’s action.

We’ve now had the results of the investigation and you can read the results of that here.

UPDATE: We’ve been able to put the video back up. Enjoy!