Saturday was an incredible night for everyone involved with Arenacross, but perhaps none more than for Team SR75 MOLSON.

Not only did Thomas Ramette #6 take the Pro Championship tour title, but team-mate Cyrille Coulon #5 came in fourth overall in the series. And if that wasn’t enough they also took the Team Championship award.

The elation of the team was clear to see at the end of the London Main Event, with the track swiftly invaded by Manager Geoff Walker and his team right the moment the chequered flag dropped.


“Truthfully, I am feeling incredibly proud and emotionally overwhelmed with the personal support and messages I have had from the people who truly know what I am all about and how much this means to me personally as well as my family, crew, sponsors and of course my amazing riders,” said elated SR75 MOLSON team boss Geoff Walker.

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Everything that SR75 do revolves around the concept of ‘team’ and that word is incredibly important to them. Operating with highly talented Pro riders in Cyrille and Thomas, the rest of the ‘team’ element falls to Geoff and his group of spanner wielding mechanics…

“The structure in the team works this way.. I am solely responsible for the preparation and development of the bikes during the week as I seem to suffer from ‘control issues’! I have a weekend crew who take the pressure off me in setting up and general checks throughout the morning sessions and the night show. Paul, Tony and Luke are part of this SR75 Family. Great people and SR to the core,” said Geoff.

The SR75 ethos is something that is undeniably clear for anyone who comes across this team. There’s no doubting that at heart they are all true fans of the sport through and through, and the effort put in by everyone involved, which ever form it comes in, can only be seen as a positive thing for the industry.

Geoff added: “Having good people around makes an unstoppable force as a team, irrespective of the results. With everyone involved giving 100 per cent for 100 per cent of the time nothing more is possible whether we win or lose.

“Work hard, race hard, show respect and take no sh*t is our team motto and the level of work has not changed since the beginning when the pro side of the team took off fully three years ago. This team is built on pride and the concept of taking the least amount from the industry but giving back what we can through bringing in our investors and purchasing the vast majority of what we use to make the team run. This has become a huge financial burden but I believe we have something which is worth buying into for companies to market themselves through our concept as a team and the Arenacross series as a global marketing vessel.”

There’s no denying that there have been moments of extreme highs for this team over the series, but there have also been moments that have not been so good. But the fighting spirit, motivational work ethic and the determination to constantly come back stronger is what this team are all about, and that’s something that everyone involved in the Tour can relate to.

“The entire tour has been a highlight… I am a race fan to the core and a fan of this sport,” said Geoff. “Every moment spent with my riders and crew on this tour and in our future adventures is precious time. I am certainly one of this Tours biggest fans, I have been since the beginning and I always will be.

“There have been some negatives and some surprising behaviour from people who should know better, but again, as a team built on professional racing values, nothing can cause an effect as we have fun, race hard and focus only on the positives. This is a tough sport and there is only room for tough guys in it.”

If you’ve ever come across SR75 in the pits there’s probably one thing you’ll always notice about them…there will never be a time where they don’t look the part. This year, the white and aqua kit had a bit of a make-over for the Grand Finale. Adding in a touch of red to “match Thomas’ red plate,” commented Geoff. The team boss feels that attention to detail and insistence that the team looks like a team, means that the SR75 spirit stays with the riders from the pits to the track.

Geoff added: “Pride and respect for every investor in this team is priority and our presentation is simply showing respect for all involved as well as the series itself. If we present ourselves as the professionals we are, and we represent through our behaviour and racing ability, then making the effort to take care of every detail of our presentation on and off track is worth every hour/day/pound… Being honest I am slightly obsessed with design and the look of the team and I have the coolest design team at GP Grafix who work on every aspect with me.

“In this entire series our spirit was never touched as what matters to me in this team and life in general is strength and the ability to get on with it no matter what.”

An obvious supporter of Arenacross, it has once again been a pleasure for the organisers, e22 Sports to have SR75 Molson on board for 2015. And we can say it’s been a privilege to watch TR6 and CC5 really rip up all of the incredible tracks that the Arenacross crew carefully designed and built. Here’s to seeing what Geoff and SR75 Molson bring to the party in 2016!