Garmin Arenacross Sheffield saw another step up in track design and some difficult conditions in the fantastic Sheffield Arena. The technical track designs of the past couple of rounds have claimed some victims while allowing the full time heroes of this sport to show their skills.

Garmin Arenacross Sheffield saw another step up in track design and some difficult conditions in the fantastic Sheffield Arena. The tech track designs of the past couple of rounds have claimed some victims while allowing the full time heroes of this sport to show their skills.

This was a tough round for both Carl Nunn and Cyrille Coulon as they battled in very different ways.


Carl battled the track for flow during the races after taking his best qualifying position in the morning sessions of the series so far. With the extra full on supercross style tech coming into the tracks Carl was working hard to apply his super smooth style to the sections where full on commitment is required to work the combinations.

Unfortunately Carl missed the cut but will continue to push for points as every one counts. When things aren’t going great for a rider the word ‘team’ becomes very important to all at SR75-MOLSON – supporting the rider in anyway they can.

Cyrille showed his class again from the off. He was putting combinations together to make an unrivalled flow and rhythm around the Sheffield track. Quickest in qualifying for his first pole was only slightly overshadowed by his off track excursion while pushing for an even quicker time. A resulting torn groin would make for an uncomfortable day.

The CC5 cruised his first heat as he worked on lines for the evening eventually taking a calculated second behind Fabien Izoird.

Heat two was another race to show his passing prowess as he came from behind, cut through the pack and pushed on for a big lead. While working on lines CC5 got things a little wrong when his eyes where taken off the game by a back marker going into the step on/off table top section of track.

To say Cyrille took a big digger is an understatement. A full head plant into the face of the second combo table top followed by the RMZ and it was all over…

The already in pain Frenchman somehow dragged himself onto his feet with blood pouring from his mouth and nose – the man must be made from chewing gum to get up from that crash. The Sheffield fans showed their appreciation of the toughness of this man, giving him an Evil Kneivel style ovation when he eventual took to his feet.

Medical checks where carried out from the superb on site team and Cyrille was allowed to return to the pit to assess his injuries. The guy was beaten up bad and the team was initially concerned when Cyrille was some to be suffering from vision issues.

With qualification ensured for the Main the team elected, after consultation with Cyrille, to take the start in the Main.

Cyrille was asked to complete only one lap to secure some valuable Arenacross points. Twelve laps were not on the cards. But he started to once again cut through the pack – sh*t or bust with this guy.

The championship was still up for grabs at the beginning of the race and Cyrille decided to give it his all. The tough Frenchman made clean moves from the back passing Mcoy along the way and closing in on the top three.

A small altercation with another rider after some aggressive riding would slow Cyrille’s charge a little but it proved to be no problem in the end as he fought hard to secure an incredible fourth place.

The championship may have been lost in Sheffield to a worthy winner in Fabien Izoird but the night still felt like a victory to team SR75 MOLSON.

“You are never too old to learn,” says Carl Nunn. “I am finding it tough out there and I am struggling to find a rhythm during the races. I respect every racer out here and the work they all do.

“Everyone here is working really hard for this and there is no room for anything half assed. Everything is perfect within the team and I have apologised for my performances since Liverpool where I felt great until I was wiped out in the final corner. I know the team are willing to work 24/7 to get me to where I know I can be. I will be in London and ready to take on the challenge”

“This is a difficult race. I feel so good with my bike, my team, with everything,” said Cyrille Coulon. “I work hard for this. I want [to] win this race and I want win London.

“I am disappoint for myself and for the team and I am feeling very hurt in my body. I want [to] thank everyone in the team and the organiser and the medical. When I get up from my crash and the people in Sheffield make noise I know I have to make 100% my effort for the final. I am here for race and I never give up. This is me and this team”

Geoff Walker, Team Principle commented: “Days like this test your structure and I am once again very proud of our riders, my tech assistant Paul and everyone involved in our program.

“Every one of our partners and sponsors from inside and outside the industry has our backs and we appreciate their support.

“The guys are out there laying it down for the team and of course it has to be said that Cyrille’s efforts to keep himself in the hunt for second place in the championship is pretty unbelievable.

“To get up from that crash, never mind opening a can of whoop ass on most of the pack in the Main is stunning to me and I have worked with many riders in my career.

“Unless you are on the inside of our team you may never understand just how tough this guy is. We go into the final round just four points off second place so we are working on Cyrille’s recovery to push for this. I just want to say a massive congratulations to Fabien Izoird and Apico LPE Kawasaki team on the championship”