FRO systems has today announced their 2018 AX rider line-up.

Cedric Soubeyras will lead their Pro Class riders with AX bad boy, Ashley Greedy, as his team-mate.

Josh Greedy will line up in the Pro Lites Class while the Supermini and 65cc riders will be announced soon.


Cedric Soubeyras looking for first Arenacross Pro title

Soubeyras, who’s a three-time European Supercross champion has come close to winning the Arenacross Tour crown twice. The Frenchman finished runner-up in 2016 and took Bronze last year. Both times missing out to fellow countryman Thomas Ramette.

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If Ramette and Soubeyras run out front again in 2018 we can expect to see fireworks, just like we did in 2016. Check out the video below, where things get a little more than intense between the Frenchmen as the Arenacross Main Event heats up.

AX bad boy is at it again – T-BONES team-mate