We’ve come across something very new for the Power Maxed Arenacross Tour…you can now put a bet on who you think will win the overall Pro event for this evening’s opening round in Manchester.

The organisers behind the AX Tour bring something new to the series every year, format tweaks, improved rider line-up or upping the entertainment levels. And this year is no different as we’ll get to see this evening.

But while we were waiting for things to fire into life in the Manchester Arena we came across something interesting as we dug around the internet…Betway is offering odds on this evening’s event.


There’s been plenty written by journalists and fans about which riders to look out for this evening but what do the bookies know?

The British rider with the lowest odds is former Pro champion Adam Chatfield at 6/1. And interestingly, the pro champion for the last three years isn’t the favourite for tonight with SR75 World Team Suzuki’s Thomas Ramette also at 6/1 along with 2014 champion Fabien Izoird, while Italian stallion Angelo Pellegrini is at 5/1.

Ramette’s team-mate Cyrille Coulon is 7/1 while Britain’s Elliott Banks-Browne – making his return after two years away from AX – is at 8/1.

What should I be betting on?

We’re not going to say who you should put your money but we must point out that Grand Prix winner and former British champion Evgeny Bobryshev is only at 10/1. That may tempt some of you to put money on the Russian.

If you like those odds then you may be interested in Dan Reardon who’s also at 10/1.

The seasoned Australian pro is fresh from a 2017 season in the US where he finished seventh in the AMA Supercross series. And it’s worth noting that the four-time Aussie indoor and former Aussie outdoor champion is determined to make his UK and European visit worthwhile.

But what about the bookie’s favourite? Cedric Soubeyras has been the AX nearly man for the last two years with the quick Frenchman just missing out to Ramette.

That could change for 2018. Betway fancy Soubeyras for Manchester with odds of 4/1 and to be honest we couldn’t argue with that. But in Arenacross there is no sure thing.

Fans of two-stroke will be interested to know that GL12 Racing’s Mike Kras and James Dunn are both on 25/1 but if you’re looking for a real longshot, how about AX bad boy Ashley Greddy at 40/1.

Here are all the Manchester Betway odds for the Arenacross Pro riders.

So who is your money on? The Pro champion, the bookie’s favourite, the Russian or do you like the high odds for Ashley Greedy? Share your thoughts with us below, on Facebook and Twitter or email the author andrew.hill@jpress.co.uk