One of SR75 World Team Suzuki’s bikes has been stolen from the FlyDSA Arena in Sheffield today.

This is no ordinary motocross bike. The team gave us a rundown of its specs: Showa Supercross forks (unusable for MX) Talon wheels, Pirelli tyres with yellow Pirelli logos, which are only available on Factory tyres. Mika Metals handlebars, Hinson clutch, Hinson ignition cover – one of only six in the UK. Motoseat seat cover, GP Graphics, blue Samco hoses. The bike had no fork guards when stolen.

The team report that the thieves smashed the van apart, somehow carried the bike passed security (as it was locked up) all the way to the local canal path.


Then it was dragged along the path before they then cut the lock off. The bike was then ridden along the canal to the Tinsley roundabout area, which is where the trail went cold.

The team are understandably desperate for help in recovering the very special RM-Z450. Please get in touch with us, the team or the Police if you know anything that could help secure the bike.

In the meantime, please share this article on social media – let’s make it too hot to keep hold of in the hope it makes it back to the team in one piece… We need your help people!