Round five of the UK Arenacross Tour took the team to the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle where we looked to consolidate our standings in both Pro championships.

With Thomas Ramette still operating a few per cent off his maximum due to a virus, this would be a day to make a solid result and look for a safe, professional ride in the championship.

Cyrille Coulon’s strength is returning and he is having fun again which is dangerous for his competitors as he slices through after what is, his now trademark “sheet start!” (Sacre Bleu!!!!)


With some tight lanes and limited opportunity for passing without contact there would be fine margins all day through the heats, head-to-heads and final.

Both guys performed well in the qualifying with Thomas once again showing his incredible speed to nail his fifth pole position in a row with Cyrille taking fifth. This is stunning from Thomas and with this incredible pace available it is a pleasure to watch him and the RMZ450 perform on these laps.

The heats where solid and safe rides with Cyrille testing lines every lap, and Thomas saving energy all the way where he could in both heats.

Both safely through to the Main in fifth and sixth with the head-to-heads to deal with before the main – Cyrille made it to the points paying rounds with some cool riding, taking another single point for fourth with Thomas and Florent Richier both going out in round one.

The final as with all AXUK finals was always going to be tough and with the ‘need to lead’ being imperative out there it was going to be extra tough for 11 of the 12 finalists.

Elliot Banks-Browne rode a great race at the front and with Thomas giving more room than normal to settle in for points he circulated in the podium positions until a small slip with two laps to go dropped him to an eventual fifth place.

Cyrille had to once again work from the back of the pack making great passes and moving to third by the race end to take his first and incredibly well deserved podium of the series and in doing so keeping our 100 per cent team podium appearance in tact.

“Today is good tough day in the racing,” Cyrille. “My race speed is good and I don’t see good in the dark track for making a pass. I can pass riders but I don’t want to take risk too much here in this race because I want make great points for me and my team.

“I thank everybody and I am very happy for making the podium.”

“Yes, I want say thanks to my team for the support when I am not at my maximum,” said Thomas. “I work hard for my points today and when I can finish today with a 10 point advantage in the championship I have to be happy. I will be back to my maximum and I am excited for the next three races. This is very, very cool racing in Arenacross UK and I enjoy every time the challenge and great racing.”

Geoff Walker commented: “This was another solid weekend for us and I want to thank, as always, our amazing riders, staff and team partners.

“This is fantastic to be racing hard with quality all around us in an awesome series full of hard working humans. Both Cyrille and Thomas gave it their all again today and this is all I ask from everyone involved.

“It is absolutely epic to see Cyrille up there on the box after his insane amount of hard work to be in any form of condition to race for this team. Thomas will be back to something like himself very soon. It is great to have hard working and solid racers and staff on board and when we are back at full capacity both guys can look to push for the top.

“It is cool to have the lead in both Pro Championships and our feet are well planted. There is a long way to go and I just want to see quality racing from our men continuing with their full effort as we have seen from the beginning of the series. Thanks go out to all our team partners and high fives all round to Paul, Tony and Luke for their pit work.

“Roll on Glasgow…”