Since way back in 1953, When two-strokes ruled the off-road world, professional racers and serious amateurs alike have put Vertex Pistons in their machines.

A lot has changed in the world of motorcycling since then, but one thing has remained constant Vertex pistons and the unique levels of power they deliver and they are still the piston of choice for champions.

2020 MXGP world champion Tim Gajser of Honda HRC won with Vertex, so did 2020 Supermoto world champion Thomas Chareyre with TM Racing. Not to mention all Enduro world champions, Steve Holcombe of Beta Factory Team achieved with Vertex the world titles of Enduro GP and Enduro 2, and his teammate Bradley Freeman won E3, as well as Andrea Verona of Tm Racing won E1.


Hamish MacDonald of Sherco Racing Factory won both Enduro Junior and Enduro Junior 2, to finish with Roni Kytonein of Honda RedMoto World Enduro Team who won Enduro Junior 1. The pistons produced by Vertex, played a starring role in all of this.

Whether it’s a KTM or Husqvarna from 50cc all the way up to the 500’s, or it’s an SXF or EXC, Vertex has the pistons for them all. With the choice of Big Bore, Replica, High Compression or GP Racer’s Choice versions.

The same is true for all the latest manufacturer models, as well as all the popular bikes from Beta, Gas Gas and more. All with the choice of Replica, High Compression and GP Racer’s Choice versions, with Big Bore for the four-strokes.

The two-stroke range, on the other hand, consists of Replica, Race, Pro Race and Race Evolution. This one is the latest addition to the off-road range for competition.