Leatt has been a market leader in neck braces for as long as we can remember, offering protection and giving the rider wearing it complete confidence.

Just as winter starting making its way to the UK and I thought it would be a great idea to buy another Motocross bike, Apico Factory racing hooked me up with a brand new 6.5 Carbon neck brace to try out over the next few weeks, as I decided after buying a new bike I needed the best safety equipment around. Feeling much more lightweight than the last neckbrace I tried a few years ago, I was shocked to discover that the whole system is completely adjustable to suit your body type on the front and back of the brace, which your dealer can set up on site for you!

One of my favourite features of the neck brace is it fits snugly with your body armour, and you can pop the little tabs over on the side to keep it nice and secure whilst on your bike. A common misconception with the neck braces is that it restricts movement.. I couldn’t feel the brace at all whilst riding, and my range of movement was completely the same as if I wasn’t wearing one.


After having a serious back injury previously on a motocross bike, wearing a Leatt neck brace was a complete no brainer for me, making me feel more safe and secure. The brace is designed to allow the forces during an accident to be reduced and transferred through the brace into the strong muscles of the body rather than the small fragile bones in the neck.

Plus being used by the World’s top Athletes around the globe, the neck brace is the choice of champions in throughout the Motorcycle and MTB categories. And Also being manufactured from Carbon Fibre, which of course makes it look trick, what more would you want?

With a retail price of around £469.99, it’s a great investment to keep you race ready.

Head over to Apico by clicking HERE to find your nearest stockist.