Muc-Off, the global leaders in bicycle and motorcycle care and maintenance, are stoked to announce the launch of their new subscription service, the ‘Muc-Off Ride Box’.

Available exclusively at, the new service is the latest offering from a brand that consistently demonstrates its commitment to enhancing riders’ experiences, by making their lives easier, this time by ensuring they never run out of those all-important bike care essentials.

The perfect gift for riders or any fellow bike-enthusiasts, the new Ride Boxes are delivered directly to customers every three months and are offered in a total of eight different variants, covering off-road, road and e-Bike disciplines. They’re available in a range of size options too, so every type of rider and riding is catered for.

The service experience begins with a short series of questions based on customer riding habits, including frequency, duration, discipline and location, to ensure the boxes are packed with exactly the right products, at the right quantity, for each rider, from across the Muc-Off Clean, Protect and Lube range.

In addition to being super-convenient, Ride Box customers can also save money with their subscription. The new service offers unbeatable value compared to buying the products individually, and with bulk shipments, it also reduces the number of deliveries needed, making it kinder on the wallet and the environment!

If that wasn’t enough, the legends at Muc-Off are throwing in free stash with every delivery, along with exclusive early access to the latest content, as well as ‘first-looks’ at new product releases.


Flexibility is at the heart of the new service, so subscribers are always in full control. Editing, pausing, skipping or cancelling a box can be done at any time, either directly through the personalised customer portal, or via the customer support chat facility on; so none of that ‘tied-in-for-life’ nonsense!

Muc-Off Ride Boxes start from £39.99 and are currently available to UK customers only, with new regions being added in 2022. Interested in signing up? Subscribe now, at